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Grow Your Wealth

Unlock the secrets of creating passive income streams and generating wealth through real estate. 

Learn proven strategies from top Kingdom real estate investors that will help you build a strong financial foundation and create a lasting abundance for yourself and your family.

Imagine having the freedom to pursue your dreams, experience financial security, and enjoy a life of abundance...

Expand Your Influence

Cultivate a Kingdom mindset and partner with God through the vehicle of real estate to make a lasting impact on your community. 

Learn from inspiring stories and insights shared by successful Kingdom real estate investors who have not only achieved financial success but have also used their wealth, influence, and knowledge as a real estate expert to powerfully impact the lives of others, bringing solutions to their problems in a win-win way.

Imagine the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from making a difference in the lives of those around you...

Leave A Legacy

Uncover the principles and strategies that will enable you to live a life of purpose, significance, and impact.

Learn how to leverage real estate as a vehicle to fulfill your God-given calling and leave a meaningful legacy for your family, community, and future generations. 

Gain inspiration from the stories and experiences of successful Kingdom real estate investors who have built a legacy through their endeavors.

Imagine the legacy you can leave behind—a legacy of love, generosity, and transformation that will continue to bear fruit long after you're gone?

Anyone With A Heart Burning To See Heaven’s Kingdom Invade The Earth...

And Wants To Respond To God's Invitation To TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, WEALTH & LEGACY Through The Vehicle of Real Estate!

Aspiring investors | Purposeful wealth creators | Inspired individuals | Kingdom-minded investors | Passionate God-Lovers

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See What Others Have Said About Eric...

“Eric and Felicia Skeldon are a powerful couple whose hearts are to see God’s kingdom advance in the earth. 

God has mandated them to raise up a generation of Kingdom entrepreneurs! 

I have witnessed this first-hand."

- Jesse Shamp

Founder of Spirit Word Ministries International

"I want you to know personally that I know Eric... and that God is going to use this to advance the Kingdom."

- Brian Simmons

Translator of The Passion Translation


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Meet Your Host

Eric Skeldon

Eric Skeldon is the CEO of Kingdom Warriors Studios, Founder of the Kingdom Warriors University (KWU) and #1 bestselling author of the books "The Kingdom Mind" & "Wealth With Purpose".

He is a devoted husband to Felicia Skeldon and a proud father to five bold, brave daughters who inspire him every day. 

He believes that through real estate investing, anyone can create financial stability, build a legacy for their family, and unlock their God-designed potential.

Eric is a living example of the transformative power of partnering with God to turn your dreams into a reality, and is committed to sharing his knowledge and experiences to help others achieve success.

With his passion for equipping others, Eric has become a sought-after speaker and coach. 

He is dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and build a better future for themselves and their families!

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100% FREE Online Event

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